Property Investment

Are you considering purchasing an investment property?

The Property market is the backbone of the Australian Economy and is one of the safest ways to invest for (early) retirement, provided you take the right steps at the right time and at the right price. This requires a solid strategy, which forms the blueprint for your financial future.


Speak to a Professional

Whether it’s your first investment or you’re looking to add to your growing portfolio, before taking the plunge into the next purchase, ensure you speak to a professional around the Benefits and Risks of your next investment property and the impact on your overall strategy.

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Some of the Benefits of an investment property

  • Tax benefits that reduce your taxable income
  • Rental income that pays off your home faster
  • Capital growth that sets you up for a life without need for income from work

Some of the Risks of an investment property

  • Cash flow risk when not structured/selected properly
  • Vacancy
  • Maintenance
  • Bad tenants
  • Little growth when purchased at the wrong time in the Property Clock

Team of advisers

Always make sure you surround yourself with a team of advisers.
A team that knows more about their individual specialities than you do.

The Finance Alliance helps you set up your team of advisers, or forms part of your existing team.

We’d love to know what you’ve done so far, what you’re planning to do and how we can get involved to help you out.

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