About Us

About Daan

  • Cert. IV Finance & Mortgage Broking
  • Investment Advisor (RG146)
  • Award-winning mortgage broker
  • Victorian Agents Representative
  • 18 Years in Financial Services industry
  • Conducted $28 million worth of Private Equity investments with clients
  • Conducted over $50 million worth of Property Transactions with clients
Daan Jansen

During his nineteen years of work in financial industries around the world, Daan has accumulated a wealth and breadth of knowledge and experience, helping thousands of clients and investors along the way.

Daan’s career working in market-leading institutions began in his home country of the Netherlands, where he worked at ING bank. After moving to Australia, Daan was nominated in back-to-back years as Best Newcomer in Victoria at the Better Business Awards, an annual awards ceremony hosted by The Adviser. Daan took home the award on his second nomination, setting him up for a great career in the Australian Financial industry.

From 2018 onwards, Daan has raised over AU$28,000,000 in private equity, playing an integral part in building a community of successful investors for his employer.

After nineteen years of being employed in the Financial Industry, Daan’s knowledge, experience and innovatively fresh views are best expressed through a new venture, so it was time for Daan to spread his wings and launch his own business: The Finance Alliance

About The Finance Alliance

The Finance Alliance was founded out of a strong desire to make a difference to our society, through The Finance Alliance, we can full-fill our desire to educate Financial Literacy. It is our firm belief that Financial Literacy should be taught at school and in the absence of this, we take it upon ourselves to increase the level of Financial Awareness.

Through The Finance Alliance, we can full-fill our desire to help our clients achieve Financial Freedom by putting in practice the very thing we teach. The relatively simple step of refinancing your home and/or investment loan(s) can save you thousands a year. We think this is so cool, that we even keep a statistic on how much money we’ve saved our clients.

And Through The Finance Alliance, we can full-fill the desire to give back to our society through donating 10% of our revenue to Charity. The Charities we are passionate about are carefully selected for the most bang for our buck, often through a GoFundMe page of someone doing something amazing we want to get behind. At the same time, we understand that everyone has their own passion for a Charity and we donate as per the desire of our clients.

After spending 9 weeks with another broker and submitting numerous documents for an investment home loan, we were shocked to learn that the bank refused our application in spite of us having stable full time jobs and equity through several other assets. In our desperation & the reality of loosing our deposit, we approached The Finance Alliance on a weekend. They patiently listened to our situation, sent us an email the same afternoon with all the relevant questions and documents required. After carefully studying our application and financial position, they came up with a strategy of 3 various options that could secure us the loan. The Finance Alliance filed the application on Monday and within 4 working days, we had approval of our Investment home loan. The result was nothing short of a miracle.

In all our property investments, we had never come across a more professional strategist, one who honestly turned an impossible situation into a challenge and delivered the result in a record time. We settled our property last week. The icing on the cake for us was that a portion of their commission was given to Salvation Army, a charity of our choice.

We highly recommend The Finance Alliance team for their professionalism and strategic thinking, in being the BEST among the BEST in the Industry and more so for their ethical attitude of giving back to society through their earnings.

Wishing them great success into the future.

Max & Sue