Investment Loan

Looking for a suitable Investment Loan?

At The Finance Alliance, we’re happy to see you’re involved in property investment and you’re looking at a suitable investment loan, because that sets you apart from the majority of Australia.

Shopping Around

If you ended up on our page, and we’re happy you did, you are probably shopping around. But what is it exactly that you are looking for? Is it a low rate (duhh) or perhaps “the best offer” out there?

Keep in mind that the majority of finance companies and mortgage brokers, have access to the same lenders and if you’re rate shopping, you’re missing out on the real value of a financial partner.

Investment Loan

Lowest Home Loan rate, is that it?

In addition to a low interest rate, a very important factor is “structure”. Because through proper structuring of your home and investment loans, you are able to utilise tax benefits in full, when applicable.

  • What if the lender with the lowest rate has hidden fees?
  • Will the lender with the lowest rate allow me to redraw extra paid money for free of will they charge me?
  • Is there an offset account available at extra charge through this lender?
  • Will this lender charge valuation fees?

We could go on for a while, but we reckon you get it; there’s more to it than a low rate. Plus, the benefit of a lower rate is partially offset by a decrease in tax benefits.

[talk to us] we’d love to tell you all about this thing called Investment Loan.

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Your Own Master Facility

Another benefit of proper structuring is the benefit of having your investment properties paying down your home loan through the use of a “Master Facility“.
Click here to find out more about our “Master Facility Structure” and how this can work for you, because you’re leaving money on the table if you’re not using this.

Fixed or variable Investment Loan?

Fixed investment loan interest rate or variable, that’s the million dollar question and this causes a few grey hairs here and there.
A fixed rate gives certainty, and in some stages in the economic cycle you can snap up quite the attractive rate, but are you willing to give up your flexibility?

At The Finance Alliance, we keep a close eye out for changes in economic indicators that could affect interest rates.

Here’s the web-page of the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA). Have a look at that

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