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“A well structured financial household leaves no money on the table. Each item, whether it be assets or liabilities, plays its role and serves its purpose in the quest to financial independence, pre-retirement.”

Whether you’re looking to purchase your first home, purchase an investment, create a portfolio or restructure your cash flow poor financial household, there is a ‘Best Practice Protocol’ for each scenario.

One of our Financial Specialists will meet with you (face-to-face or online) and take the time to understand your current financial needs, provide a Financial Health Check as required and facilitates the conversation around your short, medium and long term financial objectives. A strategy is discussed to ensure your next step fits right in with your long term vision.

Education and guidance is our mantra and while we hold your hand and do all the work for you, we make sure you understand the steps we take together and educate you on how it all magically blends in together to form your own well structured financial household.

Financial Health Check

A yearly financial health check can save you thousands. Organise yours here.


Pay off your home loan fast, create a portfolio of investment properties, start your strategy with the end goal in mind. 90% of goals fail due to lack of strategy.

Knowledge Hub

Without independent, good quality information, it’s hard to make the right decisions. Our Knowledge Hub sorts you out with relevant information on Finance, Economy and Property.


Committed to charity this Financial Year

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Our Most Used Services

First Home Buyer Strategy

Buying your first home can get a little overwhelming at times as there is a lot of information to take in. Are you eligible for the HomeBuilder Grant and/or the First Home Owner Grant? What about the Stamp Duty discount, or the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme? We’ll strategize this with you, so you’re best prepared and supported along the way.

Financial Health Check

A Financial Health Check is a once a year “How-is-everything-going” check. Am I paying too much interest, can I reduce it? Can I reduce other expenses? What are the values of my assets? How am I doing compared to last year? What is the Strategy for the next 12 months?

Financial Strategy

One of the best decisions you can make is to surround yourself with financial experts and create and/or implement a well thought through financial strategy, where nothing is left to chance and investments pay off your home fast for you. No money is left on the table as you’ll maximise on every little bit.

Financial Restructure

During a Strategy session, or a Financial Health Check we can become aware of the fact that money is being left on the table. A Financial Restructure is the ultimate answer to this and ensures money is put to work in a better way and your cash flow position improves. Or, without you spending extra, your non-tax deductible debt is being paid off a lot faster.

Investment Loan

Whether you’re buying your first investment property or your tenth, structure is key here. In fact, without the right structure you likely won’t be building a larger portfolio. Let us talk you through the whole structure thing.

Investment Strategy

We ought to purchase every investment with the end goal in mind and ensure it becomes an integral part of the investment strategy. A great investment strategy will see you debt free with a seven figure income in 20 years or less.

Debt Consolidation

Every now and then it can happen that we feel overwhelmed. So many expenses and only so much money coming in. It’s easy to see how we sometimes find ourselves with a bad debt build up, especially with the whole Covid-19 thing. With a fresh set of eyes, we go through this with you and put in place a plan to effectively reduce your bad debts in the best possible way, leaving no money on the table.


Refinance Savings Meter.

We saved our clients $370,794 in annual interest so far.

Organise your Financial Health Check too!

Neil Hatfield
Neil Hatfield
Best in the Business . The Finance Alliance , comes through yet again . Thankyou Daan , Emeli & Arkie
Andrew Lim
Andrew Lim
Daan and his team was able to help me secure equity release from my property portfolio for investment within a relatively short time frame. Highly recommended.
Valene Gella
Valene Gella
I highly recommend Finance Alliance - Daan, Emeli and Arkie. They really work so hard to get the best Finance. I can trust them they gave their 110% effort to get the work done. Thank you very much for finding me a bank to refinance my SMSF. I will do business again with you in the future and will recommend to my friends. Sincerely Val
I know Daan since 2012, he is honest, professional, and customer oriented. I can say that He is someone you can trust! I have done a refinance twice and will do it again with him in the future. I would like to thank you Emily and Arkie for the great work that have done in helping me with the journey. Well done! The loan is settled now, thank you and all the best!
Stephen Sharp
Stephen Sharp
Daan and Emeli were an absolute pleasure to deal with in refinancing our existing unit and applying for a new loan for a house purchase. From start to finish all communication was first class and we felt completely at ease with the process.
Arie van Amrooij
Arie van Amrooij
In a time of trying to work with old fashioned, paper based, burocratic and risk averse financial institutions, still empowered by high demand rather than 'customer first', it is refreshing to work with the Finance Alliance who are very responsive and passionate to make this experience at least remotely bearable.
Dean Evans
Dean Evans
Had the great pleasure of dealing with Daan & Emeli on my recent mortgage application and cannot express how great the experience was ! A fantastic Company who look out for the individual and leave no stone unturned in their pursuit of a brilliant outcome. Thoroughly appreciated your assistance guys & highly recommend your service!!👌 Thanks.
Gavin Menezes
Gavin Menezes
Professional and friendly service provided, would recommend for sure.
Edwin Wibisono
Edwin Wibisono
Daan and Emeli were professional, friendly, really helpful, very informative, and provided us with wide range of options to opt from. Would surely do business with Finance Alliance again in the future.
Leon Knijnenburg
Leon Knijnenburg
Very professional and good quality of services delivered by Daan.

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